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Elegant Sheepskin Rugs Add Distinction to Any Decor

Made from the finest Australian sheepskin available, these rugs deliver luxurious comfort. Use at fireside, bedside, or draped across your favorite chair.

Koala or Panda Bear

 Sheepskin Rug


Koala or Panda Bear Sheepskin Rugs
  • Hand Stitched 
  • Made in The USA 
  • Panda Bear or Koala Bear Design 
  • Approximately 37" X 23" 

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soft luxurious single sheepskin rug

Sheepskin Single  Rug 


Sheepskin rug from a single pelt, measuring approximately 40 inches by 25 inches. Adds luxury and comfort to any area.

Great beside a bed or drape over a chair or sofa for natural comfort


Double Sheepskin Rug $139.00

Sheepskin rug from 2 pelts, measuring approximately 70 inches by 25 inches.

A fashionable area rug. Perfect for living room and fireplace area

double sheepskin rug draped over couch for natural comfort



soft luxurious double sheepskin rug

Sheepskin medical rug

Shearling Medical Rug

100% Natural Wool 


Soothing Sheepskin medical rug. 9 to 10 square feet of sheepskin on average.

Improves the level of comfort for persons confined to one position, for everyday sleeping, sitting,  or just relaxing


Medical rugs provide the unique level of comfort of 100% natural wool.  Great for sports injuries, arthritis, allergies, poor circulation, rheumatism and restlessness.

Also helps prevent bed sores and discomfort, giving you a deeper sleep.

Mother and child relax on luxurious and soothing sheepskin medical rug

Lambskin Infant Care Baby Rug 



lambskin infant care baby rug draped over baby stroller

Used by mothers, neo-natal and maternity wards in hospitals around the world. Encourages tactile stimulation.  Machine washable and hypo-allergenic.

Use in a stroller, at nap time or playtime.  Take it anywhere.

Stroller not included.  Two rugs are pictured, one in a package and one draped on the stroller.