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Sheepskin Earmuffs, Seat Belt Covers and More

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warm comfortable sheepskin earmuffs


Mouton Earmuffs


Earmuffs have a sturdy black velvet band.  One size fits all. Made in the USA. Silky soft.  Black, Natural White or Dark Brown.


warm versatile comfortable sheepskin action band


Mouton Action Band


Cozy, warm and silky soft.  See the sizing chart to determine size. Made in the USA. Black, Natural White or Dark Brown.


 versatile comfortable sheepskin seatbelt cover


Seat Belt Cover


15 inches in length. Made in the USA. Velcro Closure.

Can also be used for overnight bags, backpack straps, computer straps, baby carseat straps.  They can be cut to a custom size if desired.  Eliminates chafing.

Beige, Natural or Gray.


Sheepskin Pet Balls

$5.00 - $12.00

A great toy for your favorite pet!  Made in the USA. 

Large  $12.00, 21 inch circumference*

Medium  $7.00, 18 inch circumference*

Small  $5.00, 15 inch circumference*

*Measurements are approximate.

Beige, Natural or Gray.

 sheepskin petballs - great for your favorite pet